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The issue of abortion is a very sensitive issue. Men may never fully understand the dilemma a woman goes through while making the heart wrenching decision of Abortion. I believe that the decision to go forward with the abortion should be the LAST choice and not the first choice.The women who is considering abortion  should explore all possibilities that may help to preserve a life. She should explore all the support systems and tools that are at her disposal and then make a educated decision.The woman has to be physically, mentally and emotionally ready to bring a new life in this world. This will be  good for the women and the new born.  This is not something that can be forced on someone.That said, we also need to respect that pregnancy means a life is being created. As a Christian, I believe in the sanctity of life.Thus, Abortion should be the LAST choice and not the first choice. 
I will work towards getting empowerment to the women to make laws around abortion. Men need to take a backseat on this issue and support the women in whatever area the support is needed. Woman are Smart enough, Intelligent enough, Strong enough and we need to let them take the lead in this area. 

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