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Immigrant. Came to USA 22 Years ago as a Student with $700. Went to College to pursue my MBA. Worked through College, on campus , on minimum wage. Worked at the Dinning Hall, Fast Food restaurant (on campus) and the Library. Enjoyed every minute of my journey. I have been through the grind. I have lived through the challenges of the Lower and Middle income individuals and families.

My name is Michael Sinclair.  I have been living in O’Fallon, Missouri, for about 20 years.  I moved here after completing my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Eastern Illinois University.  I have worked as a Project Manager and Program Manager for over 20 years with organizations such as Citigroup and Mastercard.  I am also a small business owner in O’Fallon.  I have a real estate company called Grace Real Estate LLC.  I am Christian by faith.  I believe in the teachings of Christ, which are centered around love and compassion for all human beings. 

I am blessed with two sons. My older son is a Freshman at Saint Louis University and my younger son is a Sophomore at Liberty High School in the Wentzville School District.  They’re both passionate about Soccer and have been part of the Junior Varsity and Varsity teams.

I’d like to acknowledge some of the good work our current administration is doing.  I enjoy going on long walks, hikes and bike rides on the numerous area trails.  The Lewis and Clark trail is one of my favorites.  I try to run at least one half-marathon each year, typically the Go St. Louis.  I love the outdoors.  My boys have been playing soccer since they were four years old, and we enjoy the soccer fields and other sports facilities in our district.  We are able to enjoy these things due to the good work our current administration is doing.  That said, I believe in continuous improvement.  I know we can do much more for our community and State, and we can do it better.

I love living in Missouri and raising a family here.  I am running for Missouri State Senate so I can give back to the community that has given my family so much. 

I believe in the following:

  • Women’s Right to Bodily Autonomy

  • Common Sense Gun Law Reforms

  • Equal Rights and Opportunities for All

  • A healthy balance between generating revenue and improving quality of life 

  • Holding elected representatives accountable for their actions

  • Addressing and resolving small issues before they become big

  • Affordable healthcare for all

  • Defending worker’s rights

  • Job creation for all skill sets

  • Improving relations between the police and public

  • Finding common ground between opposing parties

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